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Welcome to Bucketeer Aerial Reach Services.

Where you get more than a rental.
We've included enhanced safety, top notch service and unparalleled convenience.

If  your looking for the short term rental of a man lift to do your project
or for someone with a man lift, capable of taking it on,  we are here to help you get the job done.

It will be done safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

Whether your a home owner trying to get some work done on the weekend, or a business taking on a project. We can be there to assist you.

Give us a call. We'll give you a lift!

We specialize in Service. We provide delivery of our compact, versatile towable lift.  we can do site risk assessments and will orientate your technicians to the equipment. We set up and have the equipment ready for work in minimal time. We provide safety equipment for the technician and access barricades to keep the area safe.  We provide  a number of different accessories to improve project efficiency. Then we will look after removing the lift when done.

Making getting the lift, a hassle free process, from beginning to end.

Why Supply the Operator?

There is a lot going on up there. It's hard enough to work at heights, never mind having to multi-task while doing it. Constantly having to stop what your doing to make adjustments, breaks the flow of concentration. It divides attention and increases the risk of missing important steps in the working processes. Operating from the bucket offers a limited view of the area. Significantly increasing the risk of an accident.

By supplying an operator, your technicians will stay on task. They will do a better job and fewer mistakes will happen, speeding up the project. They can flow from one task to another without the constant need to stop. They won't need to worry about where they are and with our operators doing the safety spotting, they will be confident in their safety. All of this translates into an efficiently executed task. Saving you time and money.

Is it more Expensive than Renting?

No. On short term projects, from 1 to 3 days, we'll save you money. With the added value of having an extra person on-site, the increase in efficiency, and our hassle free delivery, it is exceptionally cost efficient.

Our Lifts

Our British designed articulating boom lifts offer the ultimate work machine, that is compact, efficient, cost effective and safe. There is nobody that knows compact and versatility like The British do. The unit sets up in minutes. It is versatile, with a traction drive system it maneuvers into places no one else can get into. The lift can easily fit through a double set of doors but preforms like one of the bigger units with a working height up to 40 feet or 12.1 meters and a side outreach of up to 20 feet, our lifts can get you up there and do it safely.

Its duel fuel operation, runs the machine on gas or electric power making it safe for indoor and outdoor use. Its light weight design makes it perfect for more delicate areas.

For places that are unsafe for ladders, too high or precarious to safely work, our Nifty Lift makes the work safe. It's the perfect equipment for quick access with less hassle than scaffold, less danger than ladders, less inconvenience for everyone .

Need Something Fixed?

Call the Bucketeer!

Our experienced and professional operators are also building maintenance and repair specialists.

Window Caulking, Frame Painting, Signs, Fascia, Soffit, Eves Repair, Downspout Clean Outs, Building Envelope Repairs, Lighting & Sign Cleaning, Window Installs, Banners, Awning Cleaning, Neon/LEDs, Flags, Bird Control, Fixture Replacement & Bulb Changes, Seasonal Lighting Installs, Camera Installations, Painting, Power Washing, Photography, Video Shoots are some of what we can do.

Almost anything else you would want to climb up a ladder to do, but it's just not worth the risk.

Ask about our weekend half day pricing special for the DIY homeowner.

Give Us a Call. We'll Give You a LIFT!!


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