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Bucketeer Aerial Reach Services
Window Install

Calgary's Priemer
Aerial Lift & Operator Service

Where we focus on safety,
You get to focus on your work.

We take the hassle out of Hi-Reach projects and make lift work a safe, efficient and cost effective process.
We deliver the lift to site. Take care of maneuvering the lift into place and set up.
We provide an experienced professional operator to operate the lift, from the ground. Our operator will maneuver the worker as needed allowing them to stay focused on the job.
We have available safety harnesses and access barricades as needed. We carry tools and accessories designed to help make working in the bucket safe and efficient.
Hourly and daily rates, perfect for those short term projects. 

Nifty Lift TM34T

Compact & Versatile Articulating  Aerial Lift

The little lift that does a big job.

40 ft working height
Up to 20ft of side reach
359 degree rotation, 500 lb. basket capacity
Light weight only 3100 lbs.
Duel fuel, gas & battery powered, Indoor/outdoor use
Self propelled traction drive, only 60 in. wide
Hydraulic outriggers for secure and stable work platform
Direct hydraulic system provides precision control

Experienced Profesional Operators

Experienced, Certified, Safety Conscious, 
Professional operators dedicated to your safety.
With over 25 years building maintenance and repair experience.
We deliver, setup, provide safety orientation, operation of lift & removal when done.
Give us a call. We'll give you a lift!


Lift & Operator Services.

Our unique service has you the customer as our center of our focus. Not only do we supply the best in compact versatile articulating lifts. Our operators will be there through the project, operating the lift, while the worker is free to focus on the job. With our experienced Operators onsite, we'll work with the worker to increase efficiency, by assisting your worker in ways that will keep things flowing smoothly and our custom accessories will assist in speeding things up and decrease trips up and down that can chew away the time.
Bucketeer making your project safe, efficient and cost effective.

Banner Installation

Maintenance & Repairs

Not only do we work closely with some of the best in the business. Our operators are trained Repair and Maintenance Specialists. If we don't work with someone that specializes in what you need done, Our trained staff, with over 25 years of maintenance work has the experience and knowledge to handle most challenges that come up. 

Banners and Signs

Working on signs and banners can be tricky. We work with numerous sign companies providing access and assistance to the job when needed. If you need a pylon sign replaced, or a banner hung. We have an efficient and experienced installer that can take care of that too.. Need a second bucket or a stable platform for access to Install channel letter signs. Give us a call. We'll give you a lift.

The NiftyLift
A few
benefits of choosing

  • Increased Efficiency  - When working at heights, there's a lot going on up there. We take the worry out of manuvering around and leave the worker to stay focussed on the job. With customized tools and accesorries, there will be less wasted time and more production.
  • Reducing Costs - There are a number of ways you can reduce your cost by using The Bucketeer. With us on site, there is no need for an additional spotter on the ground. The operator will work with the worker, keeping them safe and assisting when nessasary. 
  • Convenience - One phone call can schedule an appointment. We take care of the rest. We deliver the equipment when the job starts and take care of removal when done.
  • Lower cost - With our hourly and daily rates. Those short term projects will be a fraction of the cost of when your renting by the day or the week and having to still bear the hi costs of transport. 
Certified Operators keeping things safe.

Who we are and why we do it.

Hi, I'm Richard, the owner and operator of Bucketeer Aerial Reach Services.
I started The Bucketeer with the goal of bringing safe, secure and affordable Hi-Reach access to everyone.
After years of working in an industry where risk was an everyday occurrence I believed there had to be a better, safer way. I got tired of taking risks and hearing of people getting hurt because other options were not easily available. Being in the construction business I was very familiar with the challenges involved in working with heights.
This is why I selected the most compact and versatile lift available. A lift compact and agile enough to get into challenging areas, yet, light weight enough to minimize damage to the surroundings. With a basket capacity of 500lbs, it’s a compact unit able to do the big jobs.
I also wanted to take things one step farther, many times certifications, insurances, and experience stand in the way of getting the job done. By supplying a professional certified operator and insurance covering the operation of the lift, we take care of the obstacles that stand in the way of getting the job done. However we don’t stop there. We bring tools, accessories and equipment to help the job along. Things speed up the job and make completing the tasks easier and more efficient and increase the safety for all involved.
So when you’re looking for a safe, convenient and cost effective solution to those Hi-Reach projects.
Give us a call. We’ll give you a lift. 


I am the operations manager for Crystal Clear Window Washing and we were tasked with removing stickers from 4th story windows as a construction clean for a condo in Auburn Bay. The landscaping and narrow paths with fences and concrete retainers on either side made it what I thought to be an impossible task. I called around to the major lift companies in YYC and sent in some pics of the obstacles only to get the response of "yea not a lot you can do about that". It required a lift that was very small and could fit into tight spaces, and very light as not to sink deeply into the landscaping, but still capable of reaching the 4th story windows for sticker removal. I remembered seeing Bucketeer a few months back installing some windows at a condo in the NW during one of our cleans, so I gave them a call, txtd some pics and he got back to me right away saying it could be done. His rates were very reasonable even if all we were renting was the lift, but with Bucketeer we also got his skills for the day as a lift operator which saved me requiring 2 employees for the job. I have been using various lifts for 8 years and consider myself fairly experienced, but if he were not around and helping out the entire time, there is no chance I could have got it done even if I had another employee with me. He got the lift into areas I didn't think possible without damaging anything, he was friendly and helpful, and had all the tools necessary to deal with any obstacle that got in our way. Even if I could have been able to operate the lift sufficiently to do the job myself, having him around to operate it saved me hundreds of dollars in not having to pay a second employee. If you factor in all the screwing around I would have likely had to do to get into spots myself, having his knowledge and efficiency with the lift had easily ended up saving me several hundred dollars all said and done.


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